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Office for an entertainment production company in Tokyo. Despite being in downtown Tokyo, the office was in an excellent location surrounded by rich greenery.
E Office
The design takes advantage of the greenery right in front of the windows to give the impression that the office is outside.
Taking a look at the construction itself, using greenery to cover the wall surface along with materials normally used for the outside of a building gives the impression of being outdoors. The ceiling features plumbing and lighting rails resembling ivy. The flooring has a similar finish to a deck. The pendant lights resemble nuts hanging from trees. The painted, irregularly shaped tables look like ponds in a garden.
E Office
E Office
E Office
E Office
E Office
Looking at it from this perspective, the office takes the shape of a natural environment like a lake and forest.
However, what’s really important is why an office mimicking nature is important.
The reason is that natural environments are fundamental to human existence. Business structures and the workflows of companies are not permanent and are thus not suited for being the basis of a space’s design.
Work styles and lifestyles, both manifestations of the form human behavior takes, change at very high rates. Using these as the basis of a design means that a space’s service life might be very short.
For this reason, our designs transcend business categories by focusing on a more eternal, universal factor – the attribute of being physically comfortable.
Even if the approach or work style of a business changes, the need for people to be work and live comfortably will never change. Since human beings originally lived at one with nature, there will always be aspects of natural environments that make us feel comfortable. We should create spaces and environments that the users can feel comfortable in.
It’s based on this way of thinking that this workspace, diverging from traditional thoughts on offices and mimicking the outdoors, was born.
If you really think about it, since the people working here are engaged in creating fun and entertaining content, having an environment they can feel comfortable and at ease in will definitely contribute to their results in a positive way.
E Office
text by salta