1. Basic Concept

At Ryoji IEDOKORO ARCHITECTURE OFFICE Co., Ltd., we collect information of people using this website to the extent necessary for smooth operation of the service provided in this website (provision of information from our website, inquiries regarding our company). We will handle the collected information appropriate within the scope of the purpose of utilization.

2. Scope of Information to Be Collected

  1. At our website, we automatically collect information, such as internet domain name, IP address, and viewing of our website, etc. Moreover, we do not use Cookie (A function that sends to the user’s browser from the server, which is stored in the user's computer to identify the user on the server’s side).
  2. We are asking users to fill out their full names and E-mail addresses when using “CONTACT.”

3. Purpose for Using Personal Information

  1. Information collected at 2-1 will be used as a reference to operate the services our website offers smoothly.
  2. The content collected at 2-2 will be used for future reference information. The user attributes, etc. you filled out voluntarily will be used as reference information.

4. Limits on Usage and Offerings

At our company, in the case of a request for disclosure based on the laws and regulations, except for cases that involved Illegal acts of intimidation, etc. and other special reasons, we will use the information collected for purposes other than 3. by ourselves and will not offer it to a third party. However, we may disclose access information of our website that was statistically processed and the user’s attributes, etc.

5. Measures for Safety Management

Our company will do the utmost to prevent unauthorized access and tampering, leakage, and loss, etc. of personal information collected and to strengthen the protect our customer’s information.

6. Privacy Policy Updates

Our company may change the privacy policies according to amendments, etc. of applicable laws, etc. We ask you to check it frequently and understand our company’s privacy policies. Please contact the following the following regarding contacts.

【Contact Information】
4-1-10-704, Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075 JAPAN
Last revised on Nov 15th, 2021